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A Different Path

Tutoring and life coaching

At A Different Path, we aim to match every student with experienced and professional tutors that will ignite their passion for learning. With our personalized touch, we’re able to channel the most effective learning techniques to challenge, motivate and support our students. We also offer play and art programs for our clients to explore their emotions and learn acceptable ways of communicating how they are feeling.
A Different Path also offers services for people looking for a way to get the life they really want but who have not found the way to achieve it by themselves. These may be personal, emotional or work-related goals.
We also offer support and strategies to parents, working together to create the home life they truly want. Let's start working together to make the dreams a reality. Join us!

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Our Principles

The team at A Different Path is composed of talented and professional educators and life coach's who work together to enhance each client’s knowledge, confidence and proficiency in whichever subject they choose to master.  

Our mission has remained the same:

  • To effectively address learning differences in each student by generating uniquely personalised learning experiences for every student.

  • Provide quality learning experiences that allow all students to succeed

  • Incorporate fun, meaningful activities that allow students the opportunity to practice new skills

  • Provide play and art programs for our clients to explore emotions and work on developing their sense of self

  • To offer parents the support and skills to have a happy home life

  • Provide Life Coaching work towards the life you want, to create a new direction to reach your goals

Online Tutorial


Gain Academic Confidence and experience Success in Learning

We tailor our Tutoring to fit each of our students’ unique needs and circumstances. With our professional tutors listening to your goals and the areas of focus for your child, an ongoing, skills based program will be followed, building on these skills.
Tutoring can be completed in person or online

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Play and Art programs

Programs developed specifically for your child providing the opportunity to explore emotions, events and situations they struggle with.

The play programs created by A Different Path are based on the principles of Play Therapy and Art Therapy and combines these with emotional regulation, development of autonomy and personal  responsibility  as well as creating a healthy, positive self esteem.
Our play program combines elements from both types of therapy and uses directed and undirected play strategies in an environment that is safe and child centred.

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Life Coaching

Working together to find the life you want

Everyone is doing the best they can using the skills they have.  let's work together to define your goals, dreams and aspirations and create a new path so that you can live the life you truly want


Happy Clients

Comments From Our Parents

My son was struggling at school and was beginning to hate going.  Since beginning to work with his tutor I have seen his confidence return.  His tutor listens to him and makes the sessions fun


The sessions are always well prepared and building on the skills from the previous session.  My daughter looks forward to her lessons.  Her teacher at school has noticed  an increase in my duaghter's confidence


I am really impressed with the work being delivered.  My child is attentive and interested in the acivities and responds well to the level of enthusiasm and recognition provided by  his tutor


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Kylie Field


  • Diploma in Teaching (Primary)

  • Bachelor of Education (Specialising in Special Needs)

  •  Core Behaviour Support

  • TEFL Diploma

  • Play therapy certificate

  • Art Therapy certificate

  • Life coaching certificate

  • NLP Certificate

  • Westmead Feelings program

  • Coping with Kids, Assertive discipline for parents, training workshop

  • Circle time and circle of Friends training

  • St Johns’s Senior First Aid training

Kylie is a highly experienced teacher with over 27 years teaching in a range of environments.  She has worked the last 10 years as a special education teacher for students with physical, emotional, behavioural and sensory disabilities and believes that everyone can learn, it is finding the path that suits the individual that will lead to success.